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Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms, “Farewell, Alligator Man” (Valcour Records)

Grand Ole Opry star and Mamou native Jimmy C. Newman (1927–2014) enjoyed a fruitful, eight-decade country music career that incorporated his Cajun identity into his music. This heartfelt tribute is […]

Marcus Roberts Trio, “Trio Crescent – Celebrating Coltrane” (J-Master Records)

Pianist Marcus Roberts, leading his longtime trio with bassist Rodney Jordan and drummer Jason Marsalis, revisits one of legendary saxophonist John Coltrane’s recording masterpieces, 1964’s Crescent. They perform the entirety […]

Fortifiers, “Live” (Independent)

Louisiana has produced some of the world’s best harmonica players, and legends like Little Walter, Lazy Lester and Slim Harpo live on in recordings like Live by the Fortifiers. On […]

Noggin, “Lizard Brain” (Independent)

Noggin’s new album, Lizard Brain, is a fun house of musical influences: You never know what’s going to jump out and you’ll be surprised at what does. Genre-bending doesn’t even […]

Ernest Scott, “Bridging the Gap” (Breezy Hill Records)

It was nearly 26 years ago that songwriter Dan Tyler set in motion a course of action that would finally lead to the release of Bridging the Gap. Now, after […]

J.J. Caillier, “Bad as I Wanna Be” (Caillier Records)

Ever since Boozoo Chavis and Beau Jocque staged their faux zydeco battle in 1994, over-the-top self-promotion hype has become the norm, which adds to the spirit of zydeco. J.J. Caillier’s […]

Treadles, “Bees Are Thieves Too” (Community Records)

Imagine if your favorite post-rockers actually went outside. What kind of music would your math-loving, technically obsessed loopers make if they took a second to look up at the heavens […]

Kim Wilson, “Blues and Boogie Vol. 1” (Severn)

Every bit a blues chameleon, Kim Wilson records and preforms under his own name as well as with the Fabulous Thunderbirds—the Austin-based band he helped found four decades ago. This […]

National Lagarde, “Story of a Southern Gentleman” (Sliptrick Records)

National Lagarde’s Story of a Southern Gentleman is a curious mixture of styles. Terry Lagarde’s description of his band on its Facebook page is not too far from the mark; […]

Jackie Shane, “Any Other Way” (Numero Group)

During the years that preceded Canada having its current flag, Pierre Trudeau, and the Maple Leafs winning a string of three Stanley Cups, Jackie Shane was the toast of Toronto’s […]