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Lost Bayou Ramblers, “Kalenda” (Rice Pump)

When Cajun music gets progressive—and we’re thinking of a couple landmark albums that the Bluerunners and Steve Riley made in the late ’90s—that usually means adding some rock influence and […]

Sweet Cecilia, “Sing Me a Story” (Independent)

Sophomore slump? Not hardly with Sweet Cecilia. Sisters Laura Huval and Maegan Berard and first cousin Callie Guidry went gangbusters here, enlisting six-time Grammy award-winning producer Tony Daigle and recording […]

Kathryn Rose Wood, “In the Ashes” (Independent)

How do you cope with the monumental grief of losing a loved one? Some unfortunately escape into destructive habits, isolation, depression, or worse. Others, the lucky ones, find a way […]

Spyanage, “J.F.T.F.O.I. 4: The Sneak Attack 20 Yrs in the Makin’” (Independent)

“Just For the Fuck of It” may be his crew, his mixtape blueprint, and his motto, but local rapper Spyanage (that’s pronounced Espionage to you) has built four solid albums […]

Johnny J and the Hipshots, “Below the Bible Belt” (Tall Tail)

On Johnny J’s previous effort, in the review this scribe posted, I recommended he immediately take a lengthy trip to the county farm, get periodic electric shock treatments and extensive […]

Jenna Guidry, “Back to Me” (Independent)

Jenna Guidry was 11 when she released “Cajun Angel,” her first song to make a local impression. At the time she already had a voice that sounded a good decade […]

Various Artists, “New Orleans 1961–1964” (504 Records)

The dozen selections on New Orleans 1961–1964 by some of New Orleans finest musicians and ensembles were originally released as two LPs on the 77 label. Informative liner notes on […]

The Tomb of Nick Cage, “The Pharaoh of New Orleans” (Independent)

In a city known for its meticulously preserved examples of classic architecture, the tomb of Nicolas Cage sticks out like a bizarre angry sore thumb in the middle of St. […]

Various Artists, “Bluesin’ by the Bayou – Ain’t Broke, Ain’t Hungry” (Ace Records)

This CD marks at least a dozen releases in Ace’s “by the Bayou” series. This time there’s more blues in the swamplands and East Texas. These releases all have a […]

Kermit Ruffins and Irvin Mayfield, “A Beautiful World” (Basin Street Records)

In celebration of Basin Street Records’ 20th anniversary, label mates and trumpeters Kermit Ruffins and Irvin Mayfield join forces on A Beautiful World. These two mock adversaries, who used to […]